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The most influential Finnish female travel media

We are Anna-Katri & Veera Bianca, two Finnish world wanderers and tourism experts, navigating through our adventurous lives like the solo female travellers we are. Together we are Jetlagissa Media; a popular travel podcast, two travel blogs and engaged social media accounts.

We are dream seekers, go-getters and pioneers of questionable romances around the globe – with a bit of Absolutely Fabulous and Anthony Bourdain mixed into a fine cocktail we call our lives. But most of all with our example, we want to inspire everyone to live this life in their own terms no matter what it may look like.  We’ve explored this world everywhere from the trendy cafés of New York to the jungles of Papua New Guinea and in between. 

Be wild, be extraordinary.

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Reach over 790,000 Finnish travellers with Jetlagissa Media

Jetlagissa (translation: jetlagged) podcast was first launched in autumn 2018 and became the most talked about Finnish travel podcast within just weeks after being launched. The podcast is hosted by two leading Finnish travel influencers, Anna-Katri and Veera Bianca, who are both pioneers in the world of travel blogging and social media in their market.

Jetlagissa Media combines the podcast, Anna-Katri’s and Veera Bianca’s two travel blogs and their engaged social media accounts. The followers of Jetlagissa Media, both on the podcast and on other social media channels are on average 25-45-year-old Finnish female travellers.  Aside of travel, the purpose of the podcast and the two hosts is to inspire people to broaden their perspective, to dare live life in their own terms while making sustainable and ethical choices on their travels.

With more than 10 years of experience in blogging and tourism industry, a heart for photography and a lot of passion – we’ve become experts in our field and Jetlagissa Media combines our efforts to offer even more visibility to your brand, service or product.

We are happy to discuss opportunities to make your brand, service or product stand out among the Finnish travellers, on the podcast, both blogs and social media channels in ways that serve your needs the best. We believe in well-planned campaigns, delivering data and reaching measurable results. From years of experience, some of our happy clients include Olympus, Finnair, Fazer, Samsonite, Visit California, Qatar Airways and LuxurySlovenia.


Audio ad in an episode or an entire episode around your chosen theme and represented brand.

Blog collaborations

Well-optimised high-quality blog posts on leading Finnish travel blogs, Adalmina’s Adventures and Veera Bianca.

Social Media

Social media campaigns on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Brand ambassadorship

Long-term partnership on all channels to increase sales and brand awareness.

Photography & content creation

Professional photography, text and video directly to clients channels and own needs.

Public speaking

Presentations, lecturing and speaking in events.


Anna-Katri is an environmental consultant, influencer marketing expert and adventuress who cannot get enough of seeing the world. A lover of fresh pineapples, long-distance romances and the freedom it all brings, she has travelled to over 100 countries and is well on her way in visiting every country of the world, all by herself. On her blog Adalmina’s Adventures, Anna-Katri shares her travel stories and tips for solo travellers from the most exotic places of the planet while building a life that looks exactly her own.

Veera Bianca

Veera Bianca is a boss lady running her own empire of blogging, marketing consulting and photography, calling her suitcase a home. A heart for old school whiskey, melancholic country songs and love stories larger than life, Veera travels the world in search of moments that taste like life. She’s built a successful career through her blog and spends half of the year roaming the globe and half at home running her business. On her blog Veera Bianca she shares travel, career and photography tips.

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